Gareth Evans

Gareth Evans (12 mai 1946 – 10 août 1980) est un philosophe britannique, disciple de Peter Strawson, et actif à l’Université d’Oxford dans les années 1970. Il est mort prématurément d’un cancer du poumon.

Son ouvrage principal, Varieties of reference (Oxford University Press, 1982), inachevé et posthume, a été édité par son proche collègue John McDowell. L’ouvrage est une défense d’une conception néo-frégéenne du langage et de l’esprit.

Publications (en anglais)

* 1973, “The Causal Theory of Names,” Aristotelian Society Supplementary Volume xlvii, pp. 187–208.
* 1975, “Identity and Predication,” Journal of Philosophy lxxii, pp. 343–363.
* 1976(a), Truth and Meaning: Essays in Semantics (co-edited with John McDowell), Oxford: Oxford University Press.
* 1976(b), “Semantic Structure and Logical Form,” in Evans and McDowell (eds.) 1976(a), pp. 199–222.
* 1977, “Pronouns, Quantifiers, and Relative Clauses” (I), Canadian Journal of Philosophy vii, pp. 467–536.
* 1978, “Can There Be Vague Objects?” Analysis Vol. 38, No. 4, p. 208.
* 1979, “Reference and Contingency,” The Monist lxii, pp. 161–189.
* 1980, “Pronouns,” Linguistic Inquiry xi, pp. 337–362.
* 1980, “Things Without the Mind,” in Zak van Staaten (ed.) Philosophical Subjects: Essays Presented to P.F. Strawson, Oxford: Clarendon Press, pp. 76–116.
* 1981, “Understanding Demonstratives,” in Herman Parret and Jacques Bouveresse (eds.) Meaning and Understanding, Berlin and New York: De Gruyter, pp. 280–303.
* 1982, The Varieties of Reference (published posthumously, edited by John McDowell), Oxford: Oxford University Press.
* 1985, Collected Papers, Oxford: Oxford University Press.


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